EM Signoff tool, Pharos, introduced at Samsung’s Theatre During DAC June 26, 2018

August 24, 2018

Whenever a company invites you to participate in their marketing events, it’s a testimony to the
technology and the value you add as a partner. And when that partner is the #1 Semiconductor by
revenue world-wide, it is an exceptional honor. At times like these, you better have something
of high value to present.

To meet this challenge, Helic introduced Pharos, our latest technology innovation, at Samsung’s
Theatre at DAC. Pharos is the key component that completes Helic’s vision for providing an
EM Signoff Methodology for SOC design teams.

As a standalone product, Pharos enables IC designers to quickly and accurately uncover nets that
are susceptible to EM and substrate crosstalk in their design. Pharos combines Helic’s extraction
engine capacity with a proprietary simulation engine for the purpose of identifying and ranking
the crosstalk aggressors per victim net. In addition to reports that rank the aggressor nets,
Pharos provides a heat map, by frequency, so designers can focus their EM analysis on the most
critical nets in their design.

“The combination of Pharos with either RaptorX or Exalto enables SOC teams to finally have a
fully functional sign-off process for EM crosstalk” says Magdy Abidir, Vice President of
Marketing at Helic. “Pharos points out the problem areas while RaptorX and Exalto provide
additional insight that enables SOC teams to either make changes, and/or be assured that the
design will perform to their expectations.We would like to once again thank Samsung for
providing such a fabulous platform for Helic.