Helic sponsors IEEE CICC Student Scholarship Award

March 22, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Helic, Inc., the technology leader in EDA solutions for RF and high-speed IC design, was a proud sponsor of the Student Scholarship Award at the 2011 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC) in Silicon Valley.

The IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference is a premier conference devoted to IC development, design challenges and innovative circuit techniques. During the conference sessions, participants have a chance to present original first published technical work and get exposure to new technology areas. This year, Helic was delighted to co-sponsor, together with reputable Intel, the Best Student Paper, which was awarded to graduate students Wu-Hsin Chen and WingFai Loke of Purdue University. Their paper was titled “A 0.5-V, 440-uW Frequency Synthesizer For Implantable Medical Devices”.

Empowering talent is a key attribute in Helic’s DNA and a driving force behind its innovative and versatile product solutions. In addition, Helic’s active role in such initiatives, on an international level, underlines its commitment to advance and invest further on original research among stakeholders in the EDA industry. In line with this, strengthening R&D alliances with trusted partners remains a strategic priority for Helic.

Helic wishes to congratulate Purdue University, Professor Byunghoo Jung and the graduate students Wu-Hsin Chen and WingFai Loke for their dedication and purposeful work.

About Helic

Helic, Inc. develops disruptive EDA technologies for RFIC and high-speed SoC design. We provide our customers with a comprehensive offering combining design tools, silicon IP and applications support, greatly reducing the development cycles of chips for wireless communications, broadband networking, PCs, tablets and other segments. We provide technology for rapid electromagnetics modeling, RF component synthesis, and signal integrity of silicon ICs and Systems-in-Package. Our solutions have been adopted by several major semiconductor companies since 2000.
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