Micro Linear selects Helic’s VeloceRF™ for RFIC inductor synthesis modeling and verification

June 8, 2005

ATHENS, GREECE, June 8, 2005 – Helic S.A. proudly announces that another semiconductor company has selected its VeloceRF EDA product. Micro Linear Corporation (Nasdaq: MLIN), a leading digital wireless transceiver U.S. company, will be using VeloceRF for synthesis, modeling and verification of integrated inductors in its RFIC designs.

Silicon-integrated wireless designs and shrinking process geometries impose stringent performance constraints for integrated inductor components, while modeling challenges are the toughest ever. Micro Linear chose VeloceRF for its advanced features in synthesis and layout of optimized spiral inductors, and for its unique speed vs. accuracy characteristics. Seamless integration in the design flow and support for parasitic inductance strongly influenced the decision.

Bob Koupal, Director of Engineering at Micro Linear said: “We evaluated EDA tools that address integrated inductor modeling and design, concentrating on the accuracy of the models, their integration into standard design flows, and their component synthesis and verification capabilities. We concluded that for our needs, VeloceRF is the best-in-class design tool that combines all in one. Based on the commitment of the Helic team to our design needs, their technical expertise and high-quality support services they provided, we decided to adopt VeloceRF into our flow.”

“Moving towards their next generation of wireless chips, Micro Linear gave us challenging design flow specifications very hard to meet. We are doing our best to help a world-class design team to succeed with its novel product line”, said Dr. Yorgos Koutsoyannopoulos, CEO of Helic S.A.

Additional information on VeloceRF is available at: www.helic.com/products/VeloceRF.



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Helic S.A. specializes in the development of enabling EDA technologies for RFIC and System-in-Package design. Helic’s VeloceRF™ is the leading EDA tool for spiral inductor synthesis, modeling and verification and has been adopted by several renowned semiconductor companies worldwide. With a global reach and sales offices in Europe, US and Japan, Helic offers to its customers EDA tools, IP and services that enable delivery of first-pass silicon, while greatly reducing the development cycle for complex wireless transceiver products. For additional information please visit Helic online at www.helic.com.


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