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Inductor Synthesis and Modeling

VeloceRF is an inductor, transformer and transmission line synthesis and modeling tool.

VeloceRF integrates with leading EDA platforms instantiating ready to tapeout layouts and providing highly accurate SPICE models, silicon verified up to 110GHz.

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Early Electromagnetic Analysis

RaptorX is a pre-LVS electromagnetic modeling and analysis software for highly complex devices and circuitry.

Built on Helic Model Everything technology RaptorX delivers EM extraction engine with limitless capacity, highly accurate results and blazing fast performance for early EM modeling and analysis, prior to the availability of complete layout.

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Electromagnetic Analysis and Signoff

Exalto is a post-LVS electromagnetic analysis and signoff software for highly complex system-on-chip designs.

Exalto EM extraction engine built on Helic Model Everything technology delivers unsurpassed capacity, accuracy and performance for a complete EM analysis and signoff flow. Exalto supports seamless interface to 3rd party LVS tools, allowing automatic back annotation of fully coupled EM model with original schematics across design hierarchies.

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Electromagnetic Crosstalk Diagnosis

Pharos enables designers to uncover and highlight nets that are susceptible to EM crosstalk in their design.

Pharos combines Helic Model Everything technology with the industry’s highest capacity extraction engine, along with proprietary simulation engine to perform chip-scale crosstalk analysis. It analyzes the risk associated with EM and substrate crosstalk and provides a ranked report of susceptible block and/or nets.

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